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Section 2 Objective: (1) Students will be able to define slope and find the slope of a line given it's graph or the coordinates of two points on the graph. (2) Students will know that the slope of a distance vs. time graph represents velocity, or speed, and apply that knowledge to interpretation of graphs. 1. Find the x- and y-intercepts of each function. 2. Write the domain for each function. 3. Find the vertical asymptote(s) 4. Find the horizontal asymptote(s) 5. Use the information from questions 1 to 5 to graph each function. 6. Check by using graphing technology. 7. Functions R(x) = -2x2 + 8x and C(x) = 2x+1 are the estimated revenue and cost

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Jun 04, 2014 · Unit 2 - Right Triangle Trigonometry Trig Functions and Right Triangles; Basic Applications of Trig Functions; Unit 3 - Radian measure and Trigonometric Functions on the Unit Circle Radian Measure and Reference Angles; Trig Functions and the Unit Circle; Unit 4 - Graphs of Trig Functions Graphs of Trig Functions]] More Application of Trig Functions
MR. VALSA'S MATH PAGE  WELCOME ! Proudly powered by Weebly A2.1.2 . Read, interpret, and use function notation and evaluate a function at a value in its domain. A2.1.3 . Represent functions in symbols, graphs, tables, diagrams, or words and translate among representations. A2.1.6 . Identify the zeros of a function and the intervals where the values of a function are positive or negative.

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All function rules can be described as a transformation of an original function rule. In the diagram below, f(x) was the original quadratic and g(x) is the quadratic after a series of transformations. When comparing the two graphs, you can see that it was reflected over the x-axis and translated to the right 4 units and translated down 1 unit.
Jan 06, 2014 · Experiment with cases and illustrate an explanation of the effects on the graph using technology. Include recognizing even and odd functions from their graphs and algebraic expressions for them. F.IF.7 Graph functions expressed symbolically and show key features of the graph, by hand in simple cases and using technology for more complicated ... −424−2 −2 − 4 4 x y 424− 2 − 4 x y x y −2246 −2 −4 4 Functions and Their Graphs 1.1 Lines in the Plane 1.2 Functions 1.3 Graphs of Functions 1.4 Shifting, Reflecting, and Stretching Graphs 1.5 Combinations of Functions 1.6 Inverse Functions 1.7 Linear Models and Scatter Plots Selected Applications Functions have many real-life ...

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Homework 9: Graphing Functions and Function Tables: ... Homework 1: Inequalities and Their Graphs: File Size: ... Unit 7 Study Guide: Polynomials and Factoring ...
Unit 2.1 - Introduction to Trig Functions Degree & Radian Measures Name: 1. The Babylonian Degree method of measuring angles. Around 1500 B.C. the Babylonians are credited with first dividing the circle up in to 360̊. They used a base 60 (sexagesimal) system to count (i.e. they had 60 symbols to represent their Homework Announcements Challenge of the Week! Contact Helpful Resources Unit 9: Quadratic Functions. Graphing Quadratics Using Tables (Standard Form) Guided Notes ...

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Increasing vs Decreasing: As we move from left to right on the graph, is the function moving upwards or downwards? Asymptote: This is the imaginary boundary where a function approaches closer and closer but never actually touches. In this case, it's the x-axis, but if your equation has 2 added to it, the asymptote will be a x=2.
Desmos offers best-in-class calculators, digital math activities, and curriculum to help every student love math and love learning math. Unit 9: Graphing Linear Functions. ... Graphing Lines Intuition Graphing Slope-Intercept Form (y = mx + b) Finding the X-and Y-intercepts (Great Practice for Standard Form) Click here for extra multiple choice practice problems!!! ONLINE WORKSHEETS ... Study Guide #7-11.

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Homework Announcements Challenge of the Week! Contact Helpful Resources Unit 9: Quadratic Functions. Graphing Quadratics Using Tables (Standard Form) Guided Notes ...
Homework: 2-1 Relations and Functions Essential Question: How do you identify a function? 2-2 Linear Equations Essential Question: How can you define the graph of a line? 2-3 Direct Variation Essential Question: What is a constant ratio? 2-4 Using Linear Models Essential Question: How can you use linear equations to model real world data?Terms and Conditions Common core algebra 2 unit 3 answer key. · Use the answer key attached to check over your work from last week’s Unit 9 Pt.II – Trig Review Sheet (Odds & Evens) Unit 9 ALL Review Sheet (Answers).pdf · Unit 9 Reciprocal Trig Functions (Day 2) Answers. 4/30 - Video of Sinusoidal Modeling Lesson Homework #'s 1 - 5.

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F: The Nature of Functions & Transformations of Functions (2 assignments): 13 questions correct = 100% (the main focus this time around is the transformations; we will work with even vs. odd in depth later this the year in the polynomials unit, but in general, even functions are symmetric about the y-axis, and odd functions are symmetric about ...
15. Consider the function f ()xx x=-232. a) Find the average rate of change between the points on the function when x = 1 and x = 2. b) On a graph, a line that connects any two points is called a secant line. Find the equation of the secant line that connects the points on the function when x = 1 and x = 2.